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Quality Control

Represents a quality management system that seeks to transcend the concept of quality applied to the product. Quality is understood as not only exceeded expectations of the client, but of all stakeholders. To better understand let us see a little of the evolution of the concept of quality.

The first concept related to the quality referred to the framework of the products / services within their technical specifications. That is, the quality was equal to the absence of defects in the final product, which, in turn, was observed in the exact measurement of the intensity of inspections performed. Later, the "statistical process control" allowed the extension of the concept of quality into the process, passing the quality control, to also include the conditions under which the product is produced. However, the concept of quality still go through some more changes incorporating the concept of "cost of quality", and after, "zero-defects", coming finally to include the satisfaction or exceeded expectations of all stakeholders, including customers (internal and external).