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Painting Inspection

The Inspection painting is done directly on site or factory running control and monitoringof the painting process, in preparation, during and after completion making the measurement and quality control, based on the parameters established in the rules andinstructions implementation and inspection of paint while painting inspection Level 2, in addition to the duties of Level 1 inspection, was distinguished by the responsibility toprepare instructions and procedures of painting, as well as the qualification of this procedure and the personnel responsible. The assignment of Painting Inspection, allows direct prevention and detection of defects in industrial painting, as prescribed in the activities performed by the inspector Industrial Painting contained in this Standard. 

Tipos de serviços:

  • Corrosion
  • Painting and Concept Scheme
  • Forming a paint
  • Fundamental Properties of Film
  • Mechanism of Film Formation
  • Principal Protection Mechanisms
  • Top Vehicles
  • Main Pigments
  • Solvents and Thinners
  • Major Paint
  • Surface Preparation for Painting
  • Main Methods of Application
  • Application of Paint System
  • Paint System
  • Touch-up Paint System
  • Receiving Inspection of Paint
  • Quality Control
  • Failures and Flaws
  • Documentation of the Quality System
  • Safety and Environment