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Visual Essay

The inspection by the Visual Test is one of the oldest activities in the industrial sectors, and is the first non-destructive testing applied to any part or component, and is often associated with other testing materials.

Using advanced technology, today's visual inspection is an important resource in the verification of dimensional changes, standard surface finish and visual observation of surface discontinuities in materials and products in general, such as cracks, corrosion, deformation, alignment, wells, porosity , assembly of mechanical systems and many others.

The inspection of parts or components that do not allow direct access to your internal verification (within blocks of engines, turbines, pumps, piping, etc.), make use of optical fibers connected to mirrors or small cameras with high resolution TV, besides lighting systems, making the image appear in one eye or TV monitors. They are simple and efficient solutions, known as a technique for remote visual inspection.

In aviation, the visual essay is the main tool for inspection of components to verify their operation and maintenance condition.

There is no industrial process in which visual inspection is not present. Simplicity of performance and low operating cost are the characteristics of this method, but still requires a good technique, solid obeys basic requirements that must be known and properly applied.