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Manufacturing Inspection

The manufacturing inspection is one of the main methods of assessing the quality of materials and equipment essential for customers who purchase equipment for new ventures, expansions or replacements of existing staff and not have their own inspection.

The main activities are:

  • Establishment of an Inspection Plan agreed with the customer and the supplier;
  • Evaluating visits to the manufacturing process, according to the pre-established
  • Examination of all the documents necessary for the proper performance of the inspection of manufacturing, such as purchase order, inspection procedures, specifications, standards, procedures of the supplier, approved drawings, models of control or testing reports and other documents considered necessary
  • Verification of the possibilities of performing all the tests recommended by the Inspection Plan, standards, and implicitly accepted by the supplier, which should have all the equipment and measuring instruments and testing required to perform the tests required, which must be periodically calibrated
  • Audit procedures and qualified personnel for the performance of special processes such as welding and NDT
  • Preparation of complete inspection report describing all results, events, irregularities, deviations, corrective actions and measures taken