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Leak Inspection

The need for a perfect seal in tanks or pipelines containing toxic substances that are part of high-risk sites (area chemical, nuclear, aerospace, etc..), Provided the use of new methods able to detect possible leakage of gas or liquid, the obtain an effectiveguarantee of safety and environmental protection.

The methods used in the leakage test are: Pressure or vacuum gauge with high accuracy, bubble method, method of variation of pressure, leak detection by refrigerantor application of helium gas with the corresponding signal detector and modern, the location of leaks of gases and liquids by ultrasound.

One of the most common threats to the environment, and cause accidents, whether inindustrial, domestic or public, are the leakage of dangerous products, when stored in tanks or containers with structural faults, producing leaks inflammable liquids or gases(industry petroleum), acid or corrosive products (chemical industry) in the transport sector(road, rail and pipelines), and many others.

Therefore, as preventive measure, in order to prevent such occurrences, the tightnesstest has been widely used in tests of components pressurized or depressurized wherethere is a risk of escape or ingress of products, jeopardizing the containment system, assuming in this manner, a great importance when it comes to protecting the environment, where the flora and fauna and even individuals or populations can beseriously affected.