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Industrial Mountaineering

Eliminating the use of scaffolding, the technique of industrial alpinism is an exclusive service and differential that provides professionals greater flexibility and mobility services performed in vertical areas or slopes.

Professionals are IRATA qualified bodies and ABENDI, trained and skilled to work in great heights, confined spaces or areas with difficult access. Besides having professional supervision N3, Safety Technicians and Engineers.


  • Cleaning windows, facades, totem poles, water tanks and roofs
  • Installation of signs, billboards, banners, decorations and lights
  • Installation of lifelines vertical and horizontal (platforms, roofs, stairs, etc..) And erection of anchor points
  • Conservation and building maintenance
  • Restoration of roofs and gutters
  • Maintenance and inspection of walls, towers, antennas, etc.


  • Cleaning and washing of industrial equipment
  • Rescue service (confined space and working at heights)
  • Boiler Services (professional ABRAMAM)
  • Service welding
  • Service isolation
  • Service painting (surface treatment and painting)
  • Service of Equipment Inspection (visual inspection and dimensional)
  • Service non-destructive testing (dye penetrant, magnetic particle, ultrasonic thickness measurement, visual weld)
  • Advisory and consultancy work at height - held talks and course closed