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Electrical Inspection

This is a series of tests and verifications of compliance executed in the electric system from the main switchboard to the fixed end devices and accessories, whether low or high voltage, according to the rules.

Using cutting-edge equipment in the electronic monitoring of discharges and noise, the heat generated by connectors of high strength and integrity of the grounding of the matrices. A related service is Infrared Thermography, which identifies points of local overheating can trigger fires, as well as equipment for analysis of power quality and harmonic distortion.

Some standards are observed directly or indirectly to NBR5410, NBR5419, NBR14039, NR13, NR12, NR26, NR18, NBR5418 among others.

As required by current NR10, every company with an installed capacity above 75 KVA shall perform the inspection of the electrical system, with the issuance of the RTI, aiming at the detection of the potential risk, and also provide the basis of such inspection, an action plan for correction of the points of non-compliance found.