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Off Shore Services

A Versátil-Services possui equipes treinadas para atendimento Offshore, com curso de salvatagem e experiência abordo, Executamos os serviços abaixo relacionados.

  1. Machining of Flange / smooth face / Grooved channel or RTJ
  2. Milling Metallic base / Opening keyway
  3. Mandrel Operation
  4. Trepanation
  5. Cut and Bizel in pipes
  6. Machining or Rhaetian in Axis
  7. Machining In End Of Axes
  8. Maintenance Heat Exchanger
  9. Maintaining Valves
  10. Maintained by Sprinkling
  11. Inspections

Note: If differential service that requires the creation or development back in the machine or device for machining field, we evaluate and develop the best option.

In the pictures below it is a tube bundle in conjunction with the hull, with the need for maintenance, machine machining field we made the cut of the shell to grab the beam.