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Valves Maintenance

The Versátil-Services is a diversified company engaged in the industrial market, with a little more than six years, began operations in 2006, equipped with specialized structure in several segments, among them, maintenance, repair, calibration and testing of industrial valves, whether on premises or on the field.

  • Maintenance and Calibration of Control Valves and Safety
  • Maintenance Check Valves
  • Components and Accessories for Valve
  • Maintenance of Safety Relief Valves (PSV)
  • Achievement Test Calibration of Valves
  • Machining and opening slots on flanges, according to the project
Drawer Wide Globe. Traps Globe, Butterfly Ball Control, male two-way pneumatic actuators retention angle, butterfly with two reductive pathways popsicle.


Our guarantee and certify the valves recovered, taking into account the thickness of the body / cover after sandblasting and corrosion, with subsequent application of special funds and painting according to customer requirement of each equipment.