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Field Machining

Applied in various industries that have planning and logistics maintenance. We solutions for recovery of machines and equipment through the field machining, which means take the service to the intervention site, devices for facemills, mandrel, screw, or any type of machining without the need for disassembly and removal of the total even to another machining site.

This technique becomes one of the most efficient ways to run the machining on-site  and various equipment having mechanical characteristics, such as flanges, Shaft End, Holes, and Holes Threaded Flat Surfaces.

We all type of machining can be done in conventional machine, but with the features simplified as regards the assembly of devices and special arrangements.


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Our Clients

Petrobras Oderbrecht Kablin Vale Braskem Aracruz Sulzer Man Serv AG - Andrade Gutierrez Cosan Bunge Queiroz Galvão